UK inflation: how everyday items and services shot up in price

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The UK’s inflation rate fell for a second month in December, dropping to 10.5%. But households remain under pressure as prices continue to rise for a wide range of goods and services.

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Despite the fall in the headline rate, food and non-alcoholic drinks jumped by a collective 16.8%, the fastest annual rate of increase since 1977. Price rises for restaurant meals and overnight stays in hotels also accelerated.

The Office for National Statistics compiled the overall figures using the consumer prices index, but also logs individual goods and service prices. Here we break down how those everyday items have shot up over the past year.

In each case, the figure is the percentage change in the average price over the 12 months to December 2022.


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Low-fat milk 46%
Sugar 38.5%
Butter 29.3%
Pasta products and couscous 29.1%
Eggs 28.9%
Jams, marmalades and honey 24.2%
Ready-made meals 21.7%
Bread 20.5%
Fish 19.6%
Pizza and quiche 13.2%
Fruit 6.5%


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Mineral or spring waters 23.3%
Soft drinks 18%
Fruit and vegetable juices 16.7%
Coffee 10.1%
Tea 11.2%
Beer 5.4%
Spirits 4.3%
Wine 2%

Electricity, gas and other fuels

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Gas 128.9%
Electricity 65.4%
Solid fuels 31.7%

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Clothing and shoes

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Garments for men 8.8%
Garments for infants and children 6.2%
Garments for women 6%
Footwear for men 5.6%
Footwear for infants and children 5.4%
Footwear for women 0.2%

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Household items and furniture

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Garden furniture 12.2%
Cookers 11.3%
Lighting equipment 9.6%
Carpets and rugs 9.4%
Refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers 9.2%
Bed linen 7.7%

Vehicles and passenger transport

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New cars 6.7%
Motorcycles 1.8%
Bicycles 0.9%
Secondhand cars -5.5%

By air 44.1%
By bus and coach 17.5%
By train 6.9%
By sea and inland waterway 6.4%

Hospitality and recreation

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Hotels and motels 18.1%
Fast food and takeaway food services 12.3%
Restaurants and cafes 10.1%
Holiday centres, campsites and youth hostels 9.1%
Cinemas, theatres and concerts 6.9%
Museums 6.2%

Other recreational items

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Products for pets 16.2%
Garden products 13.5%
Veterinary and other services for pets 12.2%
Sport equipment 4.3%

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