Our miserly state pensions pit old against older

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Can you please stop quoting a pension figure (£185.15) that applies only to fairly recent retirees (Liz Truss faces unrest over public spending cuts and pensions triple lock threat, 18 October)? If you were born before 6 April 1951 (if you’re a man) and 6 April 1953 (if you’re a woman), you only get the old basic state pension (currently £141.85), even if you have paid national insurance contributions for over 40 years.

Any percentage increase only widens this gap, of course. Upgrading our pensions to the £185.15 a week paid to newer retirees would make a huge difference to older people who are now being discriminated against while facing the same cost of living challenges as newer pensioners.
Gilla Evans
Penzance, Cornwall

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Could any person of any political party please explain to me why my mother may be entitled to more food than I am? I live with her, and her pension is protected by the triple lock. My disability payments may not increase with inflation. Why is it considered acceptable to have a policy which leaves people with disabilities hungry and cold?
Sarah Davis
Coulsdon, London

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