Meagre state pensions are part of the Tories’ divide-and-rule strategy

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The letters on pensions (20 October) do not mention that women on the newer state pension rate of up to £185.15 per week went without their pension for six years due to the rise in the qualifying age from 60 to 66, losing £45,000.

In addition, very few qualify for the full amount. I worked full-time for over 40 years and still don’t get the full amount as the government “contracted me out”. It’s all part of the government’s divide-and-conquer strategy. The bottom line is that it has landed all state pensioners with the worst state pension in western Europe.
Helen Cameron
East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire

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In her letter, Gilla Evans says older pensioners only get the old basic state pension of £141.85. My partner and I were both born in the late 1940s, and both receive more than that. As well as the basic pension, I receive both pre-1997 and post-1997 additional state pensions, and graduated retirement benefit. As my partner claimed his pension later, his includes the second state pension as well as the other additions.

We were both employed, and paid PAYE contributions, calculated as a percentage of earnings; the basic rate of £141.85 may only apply to those who were self-employed and paid flat-rate class 2 contributions.
Jennifer Gale
Littleham, Devon

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