My hands are frozen as I type – we are existing, not living

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My heart goes out to Sharron Spice (I work 50 hours a week and I’m still in arrears on my council tax. What more can I do?, 30 November). As I type this, my hands are frozen from having no heating in the house.

I wrote to our local MP, and received a courteous letter back; it states what measures the government has put in place for the country, adding that “the Government cannot pay for everything for everyone”, but there is no emotion. The letter never says what they haven’t done or could still do to help, only that they have to take difficult decisions.

To help with energy prices, surely the answer is not to put them up but to perhaps reduce the standing charge for a set period of time. Council tax should surely be frozen for the coming year as councils will naturally use the 4.99% increase in its entirety if they are allowed to. We will not get the economy back up and running if prices are constantly raised.

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I have done everything I can to reduce my heating and food costs, but it is still ever so expensive for us. We are existing, not living.

Our local Tory council even raised our car parking charges, just before Christmas, and says on its website that if you need help with the cost of living, “let us know”.

I have been a staunch Tory voter all my life, but cannot support a party that really does not think of the people, but only to balance the books at the moment. I cry myself to sleep each evening, while they are warm and fed. The MPs will not think of me, but I think of them.
Helena Parker
Binfield, Berkshire

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