Ibis hotel cancelled our booking but says ‘no’ to a refund

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Back in September I made a booking at an Ibis hotel in Burton upon Trent for 8 December. Three weeks before the stay, I received an email saying my booking had been cancelled as the hotel needed to shut for essential maintenance and that I would receive a refund soon. This was confirmed by phone.

When the money hadn’t arrived two weeks later, I called again and was told that Accor had my money and I needed to contact it.

I was not sure who Accor was, or why it had my money, but I contacted it to be told that, as my booking was an “economy” booking I would not get a refund. I explained that it wasn’t me that cancelled and asked for a refund there and then. But it refused, saying it needed to “get more information”. What more information does it need?

I suspect this will be the case for everyone booked in to that hotel. Some are my colleagues, and none of them has had a refund. I really need the money back!

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SH, by email

Given its size, we get relatively few complaints about Ibis and its parent company, Accor, but clearly something has gone very wrong here. In fairness, the company moved very quickly to put this right, and repaid you within a few hours of my contacting the firm.

It has apologised and says it is not aware of any other guests in the same boat.

If anyone else is similarly out of pocket after the closure of this hotel, email our usual address.

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